In technical terms, there are about a bazillion ways to work from home. Contractors, freelancers and full-timers  are just a few of the job descriptions related to WFH careers. For those people worried about important things like a steady income, retirement savings and healthcare coverage, working for a single company is sometimes the best choice. Well, my friends, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of 20 Fortune 500 companies who support work-from-home careers. Most offer full-time salaries, benefits…the works. The only difference is, you get to build your career at home!

20 Fortune 500 Companies That Hire Remote Workers

  1. Amazon has changed modern-day shopping in a remarkable way, and they are just as enterprising when it comes to employment. While their customer service team is always seeking remote employees, their virtual positions involve everything from IT and software developers to business and program managers.
  2. UnitedHealth Group. Our upstairs neighbor in Chicago worked remotely for UnitedHealth. She had the big apartment, and it’s no wonder. UnitedHealth loves their telecommuting community. 20% of their 70,000 employees work from home full-time. A quick search on their website revealed 341 open positions with the option to telecommute. Data analysts, Registered Nurses, IT analysts, and project managers are just a few of the roles available.
  3. IBM. Are you good with computers? Why aren’t you teaching me how to live? IBM is in need of your skills post haste. They have more than 1,300 remote jobs open right this moment. Click here and choose “Any City” as your location. In addition to tech gurus, they need marketing managers, educators, service reps an a gaggle of other professionals.
  4. Humana. Insurance is their business and they boast a great work/life balance. They offer a handy “work from home” checkbox on their careers page and currently need hundreds of remote employees. Roles include claims adusters, accountants, RNs, sales executives and more.
  5. Aetna. More insurance, more opportunity. Aetna’s “potential telework” option yielded 215 positions in marketing, education, law, medicine, communications, management…the list goes on.
  6. Kelly Services. As a one-stop shop for business consulting, Kelly Services encourages their employees to succeed wherever they feel comfortable. Business support, customer service, HR and medical services is where you’ll find their interest.
  7. American Express. I love my Amex card and their customer service is fantastic. Client services, software engineering, marketing, business analytics, management and HR are a few of the initial search results. Choose the “virtual home based” option to see the full list.
  8. Xerox. Copy and business technology giant Xerox actually has a Virtual Office Program that employs a staff of 8,000. According to their website, “Over the past 30 years we’ve recognized the benefits of working from home. We currently have more than 8000 home-based employees performing a wide range of functions, including: Customer Care, Tech Support, Data Entry/Verification, Image Tagging, Quality Control, Systems Development, Software Programming, Administrative/Business Support.” -All right then. Click here for the full list of opportunities.
  9. First Data is a leading payment processing business, but they also specialize in IT, accounting, risk assesment, e-fraud, credit risk, etc. Big ideas, big responsibilities. Check out their full list of reqs here.
  10. Oracle. Oracle specializes in software for information management and relational database products. In other words, things I don’t understand. You don’t have to be a tech person to work there, however. Enter “remote” as a search keyword and see what you find. I counted 138 open positions within IT, marketing, management, etc. 
  11. ADP. ADP specializes in outsourcing and business consulting, and they have over 600,000 clients. Not bad, eh? If you like telling people what do and helping them reach their potential (e.g., you’re a parent), ADP might be the perfect fit. Enter “Virtual” in the job search box to see available positions.
  12. Apple. Work/life balance isn’t what I expected from Apple. As a leading tech company, they aren’t exactly known for a 9-5 work schedule. I was really surprised to stumble upon their At Home Advisor, Area Manager and Team Manager programs. Who knew? They are also perfect for people looking for part-time opportunities. According to their website, “All At Home Advisors — even those who work part-time — receive a robust benefits package, including product discounts and paid time away. We also have all kinds of resources to promote your career development. And that’s helpful, because the kind of work you’ll do in the future at Apple may not even be invented yet.” I’m sold. Check out their listings here.
  13. McKesson. As a pharmaceutical and medical supply company, McKesson doesn’t need a full on-site staff. Their remote workforce includes software and IT security engineers, account managers, revenue management and client service.
  14. Thermo Fisher Scientific. If you are scientifically-minded, then we don’t have much in common, but it’s good news if you want to work from home. TFS employs engineers, anaylsts, scientists and managers to telecommute. Enter “remote” into the keyword field to reveal a complete list of open positions. 
  15. Cigna provides medical, dental and disability insurance. Unlocking their work-from-home options is a bit tricky. Your best bet is to enter “remote” in the keyword field. Many of the job reqs list “Work From Home/Remote” in the subject line, while others that offer telecommuting don’t list the option unless you click on the posting itself. Puzzling, but work a second look.
  16. GE. General Electric is a simple company name, but its complex of divisions is broad and employs 300,000 people in the areas of energy, oil and gas, healthcare, power and capital. FlexJobs has a great catch-all for their telecommuting options within each division.
  17. Wells Fargo. Do you like money and all things related to it? Wells Fargo might be a good work environment. Enter “remote” in the keyword field and look for jobs with “Multiple” listed in the location field. 
  18. AmerisourceBergen is a drug wholesale company. Imagine this: “Hi, I’m (insert your name here), Director of Strategic Market Insights at AmerisourceBergen. I also work in my pjs.” You may want to leave that last sentence out, but the job is up for grabs. Enter “remote” in the keyword field and go nuts. 
  19. Hartford Financial Services Group has been around since 1810, so it’s a safe bet that their opportunities are solid. Check out their website for investment and other money-savvy careers.
  20. Erie Insurance Group. The Pennsylvania-based insurance company is no stranger to the benefits of remote employees. According to their website, “30 percent of our employees work from home full time, while many others enjoy the flexibility of a compressed work week or occasional flextime. Remote career opportunities at ERIE span all areas of the business, including customer service, information technology, district sales managers and claims adjusters.”

Boom: 20 work-from-home sources, no waiting. You now have thousands of jobs to sift through. Want a few more?