Hey there and a huge welcome to The Mister Fund! I’m Sarah Szczypinski (and that’s my hubby, Dave). I help parents save for college without sacrificing their other financial and lifestyle goals. 

Sounds easy, right? Yeah…we didn’t think so at first, either. Raising kids is ridiculously expensive, and that’s before you even begin to think about college. By 2033, the average cost of a public, four-year university will set you back $134,000, and a private university will cost more than $262,000. Yay. 

So, what should you do? If you’re like we were in the beginning, you had nothing but doubts and denial running through your mind:

  •  We’ll never be able to save enough money in time. 
  • Our kid will win a scholarship/grant/pie eating contest to cover his tuition. Our little genius will be different.
  • We earn too much/too little to qualify for any kind of meaningful aid. 
  • Student loans aren’t so bad. Maybe they’ll be safer and better regulated in 20 years. 
  • We can’t save for retirement AND education. It can’t be done. 

It’s normal to feel hopeless.

In fact, hopeless was how I felt for a long time. I graduated from Purdue University with $89,000 in student loan debt. My first monthly payment was an eye-watering $917,   Throughout my 20’s, the stress of a mortgage-sized debt spiraled me into depression, weekly panic attacks, and the crushing belief that I would never be able to afford a family of my own. You can read about it on the blog: Here’s How Students Loans Shape Your Life. 

Fortunately, after eight years of planning and A LOT of extra payments, 

> > > this boy was born. > > >

As someone who knows firsthand how crippling student loans can be, I’m not willing to let my three-year-old someday travel down the same path. Dave and I started The Mister Fund to track our savings goal of $250,000 (in 15 years, eek!) and to help other parents find the confidence to pursue theirs.  I’m a journalist who’s been covering personal finance for more than 10 years. (Read my Washington Post essay about college savings here), and Dave is a mechanical engineer with Microsoft (think Surface tablets). We’re Type A and committed to raking in college savings wherever we can find it. Will it be a challenge? Yes. Will it be worth it (and even fun)? HELL YES. 

And this blog isn’t just for readers with adorable offspring. If you’ve ever felt limited by your income, overwhelmed by debt, or you just want MORE, then you’re in the right place. Welcome, friend. Let’s do this together. 


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