About Sarah

Hi! My name is Sarah Szczypinski (just skip the last name and call me Sarah). I help professionals and creatives break out of the 9-to-5 workforce to achieve a comfortable lifestyle, the same kind of “cozy” living I worked hard to achieve myself.

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How did I do it?

I began my career as a full-time freelance writer in late 2009. That day is vivid in my memory. I had just lost my job and had no idea what the future held. I packed up my desk, left the fancy office building in downtown Chicago that I had come to love, and made my way to the El station. I sat on the northbound train feeling nothing but dread and defeat.

“Here I am, 26 years old and unemployed. Now what? 

I walked home from the train station and collapsed into my husband Dave’s arms. He was the one who suggested it first. “You’ve always wanted to work for yourself,” he said. “Now is your chance.” He was right, something had to change, because here’s the thing:

I wasn’t sad about losing my job. I was sad at the thought of finding another just like it.

I was tired of working 12-hour days at a job that didn’t fulfill me. I was tired of putting my other goals aside because I was too exhausted to tackle them. With my hubby’s support, I decided to give full-time freelancing a try.

Spoiler alert: Launching a business is hard.

Year One was tough. The online job market hadn’t yet exploded, and my introvert was showing. I had a hard time making connections, and I earned a mere $11,000 in the first 12 months. It wasn’t until Year Two that I made some drastic changes that opened up a world of opportunity that grew my annual income to $56,400, working 20 hours per week. In addition to slashing my hours (yesss!), that second year was significant for a few reasons:

  • I earned $1,650 more than my last full-time job
  • I made $11,000 in a single month…the exact amount I had made in a WHOLE YEAR twelve months prior
  • I built relationships with amazing clients all over the U.S., many of whom I still work with today
  • I found the work/life balance I desperately crave

Today, things are good.

How good? With eight years under my belt, I’ve carved out a niche in finance and health writing. I earn around $400 per published piece and my work has been featured on The Today Show, The Motley Fool, Money Magazine, CNN Money, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Scary Mommy, The Huffington Post, and others.

Most importantly, I have time to actually enjoy my life, my creative side (you’ll see some craftiness from time to time!) and my family.

My husband and I moved from Chicago to Seattle after my second freelancing year. Here we are, younger and well-rested.

About Sarah

We welcomed our first child in 2015, known here as Mister. We’re only moderately obsessed with his curls.

curly haired baby

Full-time freelancing is hard work, but there are so many rewards that stem beyond money (though the money is nothing to sneeze at!) My life feels complete, and I want to help you get there, too.

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