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I’m Sarah, a full-time freelance journalist and artist. I help professionals and creatives break out of the 9-to-5 workforce to achieve a comfortable lifestyle, the same kind of “cozy” living I worked hard to achieve myself.



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Should You Write for Scary Mommy?

As a mom of a toddler, let me say that I like Scary Mommy...a lot. The humor and brutal honesty are exactly what I need on those days when Mister's behavior is bordering on psychotic. I've even been published there twice, first on losing my daughter at 18 weeks and...

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One-Hour Rose and Eucalyptus Wreath

It's Make It Monday! Creativity keeps me personally and professionally balanced, which I why I try to do something inventive at least once a week. I hope you enjoy this week's project. xoxo The first time I met Dave's parents, I was more than a little impressed with...

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How to Create A Custom Closet

I love a clean house. I love organization, color coordination and thoughtful design. But please, don't look in my closet! Dear God, what have we here? Let's see, a wedding dress, shoe boxes without shoes, some handbags, a lone boot, a robot vacuum, old pillows,...

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How to Make a Onesie Quilt

The business of May involved a special project for Mister. His fast-approaching first birthday made me want to give him something unique, something memorable, something that said, “Your Mom’s heart was exploding with love on your first birthday.” No pressure, right?...

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