This project began with Sarah & Duck. For those of you who don’t have kids, S&D is an adorable English cartoon that’s so fun to watch. The storylines are low-key (read: it’s QUIET) and the graphics are gorgeous.
My son (Mister’s) favorite episode involves Sarah and Duck helping  Cloud Captain launch clouds into the sky to create shade a hot summer day (like I said, adorable!) I loved the idea of keeping his head in the clouds during fall and winter, and the Cloud Captain Knitted Hat is the perfect way to do it!
The ombre effect works with almost any color palette. I couldn’t resist making a pink version for Mister’s friend (which he needed to test drive):

This pattern is easy to follow once you’ve mastered a few basics:

-Knitting in the round
-Switching colors

Here’s what I used to make Mister’s hat:

Confession: After years of trying, I still can’t crochet. and for me, knitting was SO much easier by comparison. It took about six hours of classes to grasp the mechanics (for real!) If you’re still learning, you can sign up for a month of knitting classes with Bluprint (which works out to $9.99 to learn a lifelong skill–a pretty sweet deal!) If you like having tangible instructions on-hand, I’d suggest picking up a copy of The Knitter’s CompanionIt’s a reference book I use to brush up on my skills after putting my needles down for a while, and it also comes with two DVDs of beginner’s instructions and techniques.




Grab your free “little kid” hat pattern below (for ages 3-5). If you need another size (baby, big kid, or adult), check out my Etsy shop to download all the options, OR, scoot on over to my yarn listing and buy three skeins of yarn for your hat. In the notes, type CLOUDCAPTAIN at checkout and I’ll send you the other sizes for FREE (just ’cause I like ya). Happy knitting and don’t forget to share your finished hats! 

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