I hated chocolate as a kid. Weird, I know, but I can’t remember ever craving it. Maybe it’s my aversion to icing (buttercream excluded), or the dry and crumbly grocery store variety that turned me off, but I never viewed chocolate cake as a decadent experience. All that changed when I tried devil’s food. Decadent is the wrong word. I’m not even sure there is a word for it, but there’s a feeling for sure. Every six months or so, I’ll get the urge to bake something truly special and this cake is at the top of the list. Word to the wise: It’s best to make it when you have some time to savor.

Even if you love icing, you won’t need it for this recipe unless you are pursuing a diabetic coma. Trust me, its rich flavor leaves no room for more sugar.

Devil's Food Chocolate Cake--metrocozy.com

Hungry yet? Good, because I whipped up some bonus eye candy in Illustrator; a fancy printable for the soon-to-be gallery wall in the dining room, designed for free in Canva.

metrocozy canva printable tutorial


Download your free copy here. Enjoy the cake!