Our Family


Thanks for stopping by! I’m Sarah. I’m a mom, writer, crafter and overly-confident DIYer. This is me on my wedding day, and apparently marriage is hilarious. I spend my days writing technical articles, mostly about personal finance and money management. Check out CreditRepair.com, LexingtonLaw.com and GOBankingRates.com if you’re interested. You’ll also find me on ScaryMommy.com and MommyEffect.com.

This is Dave; hubs, Daddy to our baby boy (known here as Mister), mechanical engineer, and my all-around BFF. We met in college many moons ago and were friends before I came to my senses and snagged him. He’s the best person I know and loves DIY just as much as I do.

Where is Mister?

This is Mister and I during his first week home. He is our first child, hilarious, and truly the best thing in our lives. Although we are crazy about him, you won’t see photos (apart from this one) online for now. More on that here.

Safi the Bengal--www.metrocozy.com

This is Safi. She’s a Dadaelis Bengal, and in case you were wondering, she’s fancy. She will sit and shake in exchange for treats and rotisserie chicken. She’s not above begging for attention.

Gill The Bengal--metrocozy.com

This is Gill. He’s Safi’s half-brother, which means they fight like cats and…cats. He’s the court jester of our group: a little clumsy, a little simple, but we love him anyway. His claim to fame: high-fiving for food.

Our little family has spent the past three years renovating our craftsman home from the ground up (goodbye, shag carpet!) in the Seattle suburbs.We’re a fun bunch and every day is something new. We’re happy you’re a part of the journey!